Metal-Organic Frameworks

We build nothing from something.


We love sharp peaks.



We balance biological and solid pores.

2-D MOF Nanosheets

We play bottom-up and top-down.

Mass Spectrometry

We help molecules fly.


Enzyme Mimic and Inhibition

We simulate or mute proteins.

Group Leader


Zhi-Yuan Gu / 古志远


Nanjing Normal University (Xianlin Campus)

College of Chemistry and Materials Science

New Chemistry Building, Room 509

1st Wenyuan Rd, Nanjing, China, 210023

Phone: +86-25-85891952


南京师范大学化学与材料科学学院教授、博导。研究方向为分析化学。2006年和2011年在南开大学获学士、博士学位,导师为严秀平教授。2011至2014年在美国德州农工大学进行博士后研究,导师为周宏才教授。以通讯作者/第一作者在Nature Comm.(1篇)、J. Am. Chem. Soc.(3篇)、Angew. Chem. Int. Ed.(2篇)、Acc. Chem. Res.(1篇)、Chem. Sci.(1篇)、Anal. Chem.(4篇)等化学高水平刊物上发表SCI论文25篇。总论文数38篇,其中13篇入选ESI Top 1%高被引论文。论文引用5000余次。主持各类科研项目累计400余万元。2014年入选江苏特聘教授,2015年入选中国科协青年人才托举工程。曾获高等学校科学研究自然科学奖一等奖(排名第三)、全国优秀博士学位论文提名奖、天津市优秀博士学位论文等奖励。为J. Am. Chem. Soc.; Angew. Chem. Int. Ed.; Chem. Soc. Rev.; Anal. Chem.; Chem. Commun.等期刊审稿200余次。

本课题组致力于亚纳米分离界面的构建及其在高灵敏度和高选择性分析应用。以稳定有序金属有机骨架(MOFs)和二维金属有机骨架纳米片(2-D MOF nanosheets)为基础构建高效捕集和分离研究平台。建立了一系列的分析化学新方法和新策略,包括超高效色谱分离方法、磷酸化肽富集方法、MALDI基质辅助离子化方法等。

Zhi-Yuan Gu earned his B.S. and Ph.D. from Nankai University under the supervision of Prof. Xiu-Ping Yan in 2006 and 2011, respectively. He was a postdoctoral research associate at Texas A&M University from 2011-2014 in Prof. Hong-Cai Zhou’s group. He worked as Jiangsu Distinguished Professor in Nanjing Normal University until now. He won the Young Elite Scientist program, CAST, 2015-2017.

Graduate Students


Jian-Xiang Wu / 吴建祥

Ph.D. Student (2016-2019)

MS, Shanghai University of Engineering Science, 2015

Research Interest: 2-D Nanosheets

Shi-Shu Yang / 杨世庶

Master-PhD Student (2015-2021)

BS, Zhengzhou Normal University, 2015

Research Interest: Mass Spectrometry


Ming Xu / 徐铭

Master-PhD Student (2016-2021)

BS, Nanjing Normal University, 2016

Research Interest: Enzyme Modulation and Mimic


Ze-Rong Tao / 陶泽榕

Master Student (2016-2019)

BS, Jiangsu Second Normal University, 2015

Research Interest: Gas Chromatography


Mei-Yuan Shi / 石美媛

Master Student (2016-2019)

BS, Nanjing University, 2015

Research Interest: Enzyme Mimic

Qi Zhang / 张琦

Master Student (2017-2020)

BS, Nanjing Normal University, 2017

Research Interest: Nanopore

Jing Xiao / 肖静

Master Student (2017-2020)

BS, Guizhou Normal University, 2017

Research Interest: Mass Spectrometry

Shu-Zhen Hou / 侯淑贞

Master Student (2017-2020)

BS, Shanxi University, 2017

Research Interest: 2-D Nanosheets

Xiang-Da Zhang / 张祥达

Master Student (2018-2021)

BS, Jiangxi Normal University, 2018

Research Interest: 2D MOF Nanosheets

Wen-Qi Tang / 汤雯淇

Master Student (2018-2021)

BS, Yunnan Normal University, 2018

Research Interest: Gas Chromatography

Undergraduate Students

Wei-Wen Yuan / 袁伟文

Undergraduate Student (2015-2019)

Research Interest: 2-D MOF Nanosheets

Sha-Sha Meng / 孟莎莎

Undergraduate Student (2016-2020)

Research Interest: Enzyme Modulation

Chen Wang / 王晨

Undergraduate Student (2016-2020)

Research Interest: Mass Spectrometry

Hong Liang / 梁红

Undergraduate Student (2016-2020)

Pei-Sheng Cao / 曹沛生

Undergraduate Student (2016-2020)

Research Interest: Numerical Simulation

Yue Cheng / 程悦

Undergraduate Student (2017-2021)

Research Interest: Nanopore

Jin-Ya Xu / 许金亚

Undergraduate Student (2017-2021)

Research Interest: GC Separation

Nan Wu / 吴楠

Undergraduate Student (2017-2021)

Xuan-Zheng Leng / 冷宣铮

Undergraduate Student (2017-2021)

Ling-Rui Huang / 黄凌睿

Undergraduate Student (2018-2022)

Research Interest: CO2 Reduction

Group Alumni

Ai-Na Meng / 孟爱娜(MS, 2017)

Ai-Na Meng / 孟爱娜

Master Student

Current Job: Suzhou Foreign Language School(苏州外国语学校)

MS, Nanjing Normal University, 2017

BS, Huaibei Normal University, 2014

Ling-Xiao Chaihu / 柴胡玲潇(BS, 2017)

Ling-Xiao Chaihu / 柴胡玲潇

Undergraduate Student

Current Position: MS student in David Chen’s Group, Nanjing Normal University

BS, Nanjing Normal University, 2017

Hai-Xia Yu / 于海霞(BS, 2018)

Hai-Xia Yu / 于海霞

Undergraduate Student (2014-2018)

Current Job: Offcn(中公教育)

BS, Nanjing Normal University, 2018

Yu-Jie Chang / 常玉洁(MS, 2018)

Yu-Jie Chang / 常玉洁

Master Student (2015-2018)

Current Job: Shanghai Institute of Materia Medica, CAS(中国科学院上海药物研究所)

BS, Shangqiu Normal University, 2015

MS, Nanjing Normal University, 2018

Xin-Yu Chen / 陈心瑜(BS, 2018)

Xin-Yu Chen / 陈心瑜

Undergraduate Student (2014-2018)

Current Position: Fuyou Li’s Group at Fudan University(复旦大学)

BS, Nanjing Normal University, 2018

Huan-Huan Chen / 陈欢欢(BS, 2018)

Huan-Huan Chen / 陈欢欢

Undergraduate Student (2014-2018)

Current Position: Prof. Tai-Yen Chen’s group at University of Houston, US(美国休斯顿大学)

BS, Nanjing Normal University, 2018


38. Shi, M.-Y.; Xu, M.; Gu, Z.-Y.*, Copper-based Two-Dimensional Metal-Organic Framework Nanosheets as Horseradish Peroxidase Mimics for Glucose Fluorescence Sensing, Anal. Chim. Acta, 2019, in press.[Link]


37. Xiao, J.; Yang, S.-S.; Wu, J.-X.; Wang, H.; Yu, X.; Shang, W.; Chen, G.-Q.; Gu, Z.-Y.*, Highly Selective Capture of Mono-Phosphopeptides by Two-Dimensional Metal-Organic Framework Nanosheets, Anal. Chem., 2019, in press.[Link]


36. Zhang, Q.; Cheng, Y.; Cao, P.-S.; Gu, Z.-Y.*, Solid-state nanopores for ion and small molecule analysis, Chin. Chem. Lett., 2019, in press.[Link]


35. Tao, Z.-R.; Wu, J.-X.; Zhao, Y.-J.; Xu, M.; Tang, W.-Q.; Zhang, Q.-H.; Gu, L.; Liu, D.-H.; Gu, Z.-Y.*, Untwisted Restacking of Two-Dimensional Metal-Organic Framework Nanosheets for Highly Selective Isomer Separations, Nature Comm., 2019, in press.


34. Xu, M.; Feng, L.; Yan, L.-N.; Meng, S.-S.; Yuan, S.; He, M.-J.; Liang, H.; Chen, X.-Y.; Wei, H.-Y.; Gu, Z.-Y.*; Zhou, H.-C., Discovering the Precise pH-Controlled Biomimetic Catalysts: Defective Zirconium Metal-Organic Frameworks as Alkaline Phosphatase, Nanoscale, 2019, 11, 11270-11278.[Link]


33. Yang, S.-S.; Shi, M.-Y.; Tao, Z.-R.; Wang, C.; Gu, Z.-Y.*, Recent applications of metal-organic frameworks in matrix assisted laser desorption/ionization mass spectrometry, Anal. Bioanal. Chem., 2019, in press.[Link]


32. Wu, J.-X.; Hou, S.-Z.; Zhang, X.-D.; Xu, M.; Yang, H.-F.; Cao, P.-S.; Gu, Z.-Y.*, Cathodized Copper Porphyrin Metal-Organic Framework Nanosheets for Selective Formate and Acetate Production from CO2 Electroreduction, Chem. Sci., 2019, 10, 2199-2205. [Link]

31. Yang, S.-S.; Chang, Y.-J.; Zhang, H.; Yu, X.; Shang, W.; Chen, G.-Q.; Chen, D.*; Gu, Z.-Y.*, Enrichment of Phosphorylated Peptides with Metal-Organic Framework Nanosheets for Serum Profiling of Diabetes and Phosphoproteomics Analysis, Anal. Chem., 2018, 90, 13796-13805. [Link]

30. Chang, Y.-J.; Yang, S.-S. (equal contribution); Yu, X.-Z.; Zhang, H.; Shang, W.; Gu, Z.-Y.*, Ultrahigh Efficient Laser Desorption Ionization of Saccharides by Ti-based Metal-Organic Frameworks Nanosheets, Anal. Chem. Acta, 2018, 1032, 91-98. [Link]

29. Xu, M.; Yang, S.-S. (equal contribution); Gu, Z.-Y.*, Two-Dimensional Metal-Organic Framework Nanosheets: A Rapidly Growing Class of Versatile Nanomaterials for Gas Separation, Laser Desorption/Ionization and Biomimetic Applications, Chem. Eur. J., 2018, 24, 15131-15142. [Link]

28. Yang, S.-S.; Yu, H.-X.; Wang, Z.-Z.; Liu, H.-L.; Zhang, H.; Yu, X.-Z.; Shang, W.-B.; Chen, G.-Q.; Gu, Z.-Y.*An Exfoliated 2-D Egyptian Blue Nanosheet for Highly Selective Enrichment of Multi-Phosphorylated Peptides in Mass Spectrometric Analysis, Chem. Eur. J., 2018, 24, 2109-2116. (VIP and Front Cover) [Link]  [Cover Link]  [Cover Profile Link]

27. Meng, A.-N.; Chaihu, L.-X.; Chen, H.-H.; Gu, Z.-Y.*Ultrahigh adsorption and singlet-oxygen mediated degradation for efficient synergetic removal of bisphenol A by a stable zirconium-porphyrin metal-organic framework, Sci. Rep., 2017, 7, 6297. [Link] [PDF] [SI]

26. Xu, M.; Yuan, S. (equal contribution); Chen, X.-Y.; Chang, Y.-J.; Day, G.;  Gu, Z.-Y.*Zhou, H.-C.*Two-Dimensional Metal-Organic Framework Nanosheets as an Enzyme Inhibitor: Modulation of the α-Chymotrypsin Activity, J. Am. Chem. Soc., 2017, 139, 8312-8319. [Link] [PDF] [SI]

25. Liu, H.-L.†; Chang, Y.-J. (equal contribution); Fan, T.; Gu, Z.-Y.*Two-dimensional metal–organic framework nanosheets as a matrix for laser desorption/ionization of small molecules and monitoring enzymatic reactions at high salt concentrations, Chem. Commun., 2016, 52, 12984-12987. [Link] [PDF] [SI]

24. Wang, H.*; Feng, M.; Wang, Y.-F.; Gu, Z.-Y.*, H3O+ tetrahedron induction in large negative linear compressibility, Sci. Rep., 2016, 6, 26015. [Link]

Before NJNU

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21. Feng, D.; Gu, Z.-Y. (†equal contribution); Li, J.-R.; Jiang, H.-L.; Wei, Z.; Zhou, H.-C*, “Zirconium-Metalloporphyrin PCN-222: Mesoporous Metal-Organic Frameworks with Ultrahigh Stability as A Biomimetic Catalyst”, Angew. Chem. Int. Ed., 2012, 51, 10307-10310. [Link] (VIP and Cover feature, Highlighted in C&EN, [Link]).

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2. 古志远; 孟爱娜; 柴胡玲潇, “基于稳定卟啉金属有机骨架材料的光催化降解酚类污染物的方法”, 南京师范大学, 申请日期: 2017年3月16日; 专利申请号: CN 201710155758; 公开日: 2017年7月7日; 公开号CN106927535 A, 公开 [Link]

1. 严秀平; 古志远; 王荷芳, “基于MOFs材料的新颖毛细管气相色谱柱及其制备方法”, 南开大学, 申请日期: 2009年11月27日; 授权日期: 2012年12月26日,专利号: ZL 200910228804.6, 授权 [Link]


Instrumental Analysis(仪器分析)for 3rd-year Undergraduate (2016 Autumn, 2017 Autumn, 2018 Spring and 2019 Spring)



2018年春季学期2016级应用化学58人,3学分,共54课时。包括电位分析法、库仑分析法、极谱与伏安分析法、原子发射光谱、原子吸收光谱、紫外可见吸收光谱、荧光光谱、红外光谱、核磁共振波谱、气相色谱、液相色谱、质谱法。教材: 《仪器分析》(第2版)刘密新、罗国安、张新荣、童爱军编著,清华大学出版社。(助教:张琦、肖静、侯淑贞)


Instrumental Analysis Experiments(仪器分析实验)for 3rd-year Undergraduate (2016 Spring and 2018 Spring)






Chromatographic Experiments(色谱分析实验)for 3rd-year Undergraduate (2016 Spring, 2017 Spring, and 2018 Spring)








Research Frontiers in Analytical Chemistry(分析化学研究前沿)for 1st-year master student (2015 Autumn, 2017 Spring, 2017 Autumn, and 2018 Autumn)





Join Us

We warmly welcome students and postdoctoral fellows who are enthusiastic about our research to join our group! Please feel free to contact us by email or phone at any time.



Common Vision: To be Unique! To be Special!







Group News

2018年12月  本课题组首篇二维金属有机骨架纳米片作为二氧化碳电还原催化剂的研究论文被Chem. Sci.接收祝贺吴建祥!

Oct, 2018  Our paper in 2-D Metal-Organic Frameworks nanosheets as electrocatalysts for CO2 reduction has published in Chem. Sci.. Congratulations to Jian-Xiang Wu!

2018年11月  古志远教授、肖静、汤雯淇赴无锡参加第8届华东色谱会。肖静在青年论坛做口头报告

Nov, 2018 Prof. Gu, Jing Xiao and Wen-Qi Tang attended 8th East China Chromatography Conference at Wuxi, China. Jing Xiao presented an oral talk at Young Scientist Section!

2018年10月  本课题组二维金属有机骨架纳米片作为高效磷酸化肽富集介质用于疾病诊断和蛋白组学研究的研究论文被Anal. Chem.接收祝贺杨世庶!

Oct, 2018  Our paper in 2-D Metal-Organic Frameworks nanosheets as efficient materials to capture phosphopeptides has published in  Anal. Chem.. Congratulations to Shi-Shu Yang!

2018年10月  欢迎2017级本科生许金亚加入课题组!

Oct, 2018  Welcome Jin-Ya Xu to join our group as undergraduate research assistant!

2018年9月  欢迎2015级本科生袁伟文加入课题组!袁伟文已获推免资格,将成为2019级硕士研究生!

Sept, 2018  Welcome Wei-Wen Yuan to join our group as 2019 master student!

2018年8月  古志远教授、徐铭赴美国波士顿参加第256届美国化学会年会。古志远教授和徐铭分别做了口头报告!

Aug, 2018  Prof. Gu and Ming Xu attended 256th ACS National Meeting and Exposition at Boston, US. Prof. Gu presented two oral talks at INOR and ENFL sections, respectively! Ming Xu presented an oral talk at ANYL Nanozyme Section!

2018年7月  欢迎2018级硕士生汤雯淇张祥达加入课题组!

July, 2018  Welcome Wen-Qi Tang and Xiang-Da Zhang to join our group as master students!

2018年6月  本课题组二维金属有机骨架纳米片作为质谱基质分析糖类的研究论文被Anal. Chem. Acta接收祝贺常玉洁杨世庶!

June, 2018  Our paper in 2-D Metal-Organic Frameworks nanosheets as matrix to ionize saccharides has published in  Anal. Chem. Acta. Congratulations to Yu-Jie Chang and Shi-Shu Yang!

2018年6月  本课题组二维金属有机骨架纳米片的综述论文被Chem. Eur. J.接收祝贺徐铭杨世庶!

June, 2018  Our review paper in 2-D Metal-Organic Frameworks nanosheets has published in Chem. Eur. J.. Congratulations to Ming Xu and Shi-Shu Yang!

2018年6月  祝贺2014级本科毕业生陈欢欢、陈心瑜、于海霞顺利通过答辩!感谢她们对课题组的付出,祝她们前程似锦!

June, 2018  Huan-Huan Chen, Xin-Yu Chen and Hai-Xia Yu successfully passed their bachelor defenses and will leave the group. We thank their contribution to the group and wish them a bright future!

2018年6月  祝贺2015级硕士毕业生杨世庶、常玉洁顺利通过答辩!感谢他们对课题组的付出,祝他们前程似锦!

June, 2018  Shi-Shu Yang and Yu-Jie Chang successfully passed their master defenses. We thank their contribution to the group and wish them a bright future!

2018年5月  古志远教授、吴建祥赴北京参加第1届环境与能源催化会议。

May, 2018  Prof. Gu and Jian-Xiang Wu attended 1st Environmental and Energy Catalysis Conference at Beijing.

2018年5月  古志远教授、徐铭、张琦赴杭州参加第31届中国化学会年会。古志远教授做口头报告!

Apr, 2018  Prof. Gu, Ming Xu and Qi Zhang attended 31st CCS Conference at Hangzhou. Prof. Gu presented an oral talk!

2018年4月  古志远教授赴贵阳参加生物医药色谱会议,并做口头报告!

Apr, 2018  Prof. Gu presented an oral talk in Biomedical and Chromatography Conference at Guiyang.

2018年4月  古志远教授、侯淑贞赴长沙参加电催化与电合成学术会议!

Apr, 2018  Prof. Gu and Shu-Zhen Hou attended Electrocatalysis Conference at Changsha.

2018年3月 欢迎2016级本科生王晨、梁红、曹沛生加入课题组!

Mar, 2018  Welcome Chen Wang, Hong Liang and Pei-Sheng Cao to join our group as research assistants!

2018年3月  新西兰Massey大学Shane Telfer教授(MOF2018会议主席)应邀访问南京师范大学!

Mar, 2018  Prof. Shane Telfer was invited to visit NJNU and delivered a talk!

2018年1月  古志远教授赴深圳参加电化学材料自然会议!

Jan, 2018  Prof. Gu attended Nature Conference in ElectroMaterials at Shenzhen.

2018年1月  古志远教授参加江苏省分析测试协会色谱质谱专业委员会年会!

Jan, 2018  Prof. Gu attended the Conference of Chromatography and Mass Spectrometry Committee in Jiangsu Association for Analysis & Test.

2017年12月  恭喜杨世庶(导师:陈大勇教授)入选学校发展计划攻读博士学位!恭喜徐铭入选硕博连读攻读博士学位!

Dec, 2017  Congratulations to Shi-Shu Yang and Ming Xu for the enrollment as PhD candidates in 2018 Fall.

2017年12月  古志远教授、杨世庶、肖静赴厦门参加第2届全国质谱分析学术报告会!古志远教授进行口头报告!

Dec, 2017  Prof. Gu, Shi-Shu Yang and Jing Xiao attended 3rd National Mass Spectrometry conference at Xiamen.

2017年11月  古志远教授、吴建祥、侯淑贞赴上海参加第19次电化学会议!

Nov, 2017  Prof. Gu, Jian-Xiang Wu and Shu-Zhen Hou attended 19th National Conference on Electrochemistry at Shanghai.

2017年11月  古志远教授赴上海参加第17届亚太分离分析国际会议,并作邀请报告!

Nov, 2017  Prof. Gu attended 2017 APCE meeting and presented an invited talk at Shanghai.

2017年10月  本课题组2016级硕士生徐铭、2014级本科生陈心瑜分别荣获国家奖学金!祝贺徐铭!祝贺陈心瑜!

Oct, 2017  Ming Xu and Xin-Yu Chen won the National Scholarship! Congratulations to Ming Xu! Congratulations to Xin-Yu Chen!

2017年10月  本课题组二维埃及蓝纳米片用于多磷酸化肽富集的研究工作被Chem. Eur. J.接收,并被评为VIP论文,被选作主封面论文祝贺杨世庶!

Oct, 2017  Our paper in 2-D Egyptian Blue nanosheets for enrichement of multi-phosphorylated peptides has published in Chem. Eur. J.. Congratulations to Shi-Shu Yang!

2017年10月 欢迎2016级本科生杨华飞门阳孟莎莎加入课题组!

Oct, 2017  Welcome Hua-Fei Yang, Yang Men and Sha-Sha Meng to join our group as research assistants!

2017年10月  古志远教授赴杭州参加第9届全国环境化学大会并在青年学者分会做口头报告!

Sept, 2017  Prof. Gu presented an oral talk at 9th NCEC at Hangzhou.

2017年10月  古志远教授赴北京参加17届北京分析测试学术报告会暨展览会!

Sept, 2017  Prof. Gu attended 17th BCEIA at Beijing. 

2017年9月  由本课题组2014级本科生陈心瑜、陈欢欢主持的2016年度大学生创新创业训练项目获得省级重点项目(国家级)资助,并在结项中获优秀于海霞主持的项目获校级资助,并在结项中获通过。

Sept, 2017  Xin-Yu Chen, Huan-Huan Chen and Hai-Xia Yu get undergraduate research funding from the National Level and University Level. 

2017年9月  古志远教授赴沈阳参加第六届国际微流控学术论坛、第11届全国微全分析系统学术会议、第6届全国微纳尺度生物分离分析学术会议并作邀请报告!

Sept, 2017  Prof. Gu presented an invited talk at 6th ICM, 11th NCMTAS, and 6th NSMNSBB, Shenyang. 

2017年9月  古志远教授赴青岛参加中国科协第316次青年科学家论坛并做报告!

Sept, 2017  Prof. Gu presented a talk at 316th CAST symposium, Qingdao. 

2017年9月  欢迎2017级硕士生张琦侯淑贞肖静加入课题组!

Sept, 2017  Welcome Qi Zhang, Shu-Zhen Hou and Jing Xiao to join our group as master students!

2017年8月  古志远教授赴北京参加第7届第七届中国国际纳米科学技术会议并做邀请报告!

Aug, 2017  Prof. Gu presented an invited talk at MOF session in ChinaNANO 2017, Beijing. 

2017年8月  古志远教授赴昆明参加第3届全国样品制备学术报告会并受邀做口头报告

Aug, 2017  Prof. Gu presented an oral talk at 3rd National Sample Preparation Conference, Kunming.

2017年7月  古志远教授赴大连参加第8届全国配位化学会议并做邀请报告!

July, 2017  Prof. Gu presented an invited talk at 8th Chinese Coordination Chemistry Conference (CCCC), Dalian. 

2017年7月  古志远教授访问兰州化学物理研究所并受邀做报告

July, 2017  Prof. Gu visited  Lanzhou Institute of Chemical Physics and presented an invited talk!

2017年6月  祝贺2014级硕士毕业生孟爱娜顺利通过答辩!感谢她对课题组的付出,祝她前程似锦!

June, 2017  Ai-Na Meng successfully passed her master defense and will leave the group. We thank her contribution to the group and wish her a bright future!

2017年6月  本课题组卟啉MOFs吸附并光催化降解双酚A的研究工作被Sci. Rep.接收!祝贺孟爱娜

June, 2017  Our paper in prophyrinic MOFs for efficient removal of bisphenol A has published in Sci. Rep.. Congratulations to Ai-Na Meng!

2017年5月  本课题组二维MOFs纳米片作为酶抑制剂的研究工作被J. Am. Chem. Soc.接收祝贺徐铭!

May, 2017  Our paper in 2-D MOF nanosheets as new enzyme inhibitor has published in J. Am. Chem. Soc.. Congratulations to Ming Xu!

2017年5月  古志远教授、杨世庶、陶泽榕赴兰州参加第21届全国色谱学术报告会及仪器展览会!古志远教授进行口头报告!杨世庶获优秀墙报奖!

May, 2017  Prof. Gu, Shi-Shu Yang and Ze-Rong Tao attended National Chromatography Conference at Lanzhou. Shi-Shu Yang won the Poster Award!

2017年5月  古志远教授、徐铭赴海口参加IUPAC国际分析科学大会!古志远教授获青年报告奖!徐铭获优秀墙报奖!(参见中国化学会网站报道

May, 2017  Prof. Gu and Ming Xu attended IUPAC International Conference for Analytical Science 2017 at Haikou. Prof. Gu won the Young Speaker Award! Ming Xu won the Poster Award!

2017年4月  古志远教授赴深圳参加中国化学会青年人才托举工程项目交流会!

Apr, 2017  Prof. Gu attended YESS-CAST conference at Shenzhen.

2017年1月  古志远教授加入江苏省分析测试协会色谱质谱专业委员会!

Jan, 2017  Prof. Gu was selected as the Chromatography and Mass Spectrometry Committee member in Jiangsu Association for Analysis & Test.

2016年12月  古志远教授在南京大学参加“2016年江苏省分析化学学术研讨会”并做报告!

Dec, 2016  Prof. Gu presented an oral talk at 2016 Jiangsu Analytical Chemistry Conference, Nanjing University. 

2016年12月  古志远教授、徐铭、石美媛、常玉洁在南京参加“2016年全国生命分析化学学术大会”!徐铭获优秀墙报奖!

Dec, 2016  Prof. Gu, Ming Xu, Mei-Yuan Shi and Yu-Jie Chang attended Life Science Analytical Chemistry Conference at Nanjing. Ming Xu won the Poster Award!

2016年11月  古志远教授赴广州参加“第七届全国结构化学学术会议”并做口头报告!

Nov, 2016  Prof. Gu presented an oral talk at 2016 National Structural Chemistry Conference, Guangzhou. 

2016年11月  古志远教授、孟爱娜、杨世庶、陶泽榕赴徐州参加“第七届华东地区色谱质谱学术报告会暨仪器展示会”!孟爱娜获优秀墙报奖!

Nov, 2016  Prof. Gu, Ai-Na Meng, Shi-Shu Yang and Ze-Rong Tao attended East China Chromatography Conference at Xuzhou. Ai-Na Meng won the Poster Award!

2016年11月  古志远教授赴北京参加“中国农科院农业领域分析毒理前沿学术研讨会”并受邀做报告!

Nov, 2016  Prof. Gu presented an invited talk at Young Analytical Scientist Forum in Chinese Academy of Agricultural Sciences. 

2016年10月  本课题组二维MOF纳米片作为新颖MALDI基质的研究工作被Chem. Comm.接收!祝贺刘海龙常玉洁!

Oct, 2016  Our paper in new MALDI matrix has published in Chem. Comm.. Congratulations to Hai-Long Liu and Yu-Jie Chang!

2016年10月  欢迎2015级本科生何孟君加入本课题组!

Oct, 2016  Welcome Meng-Jun He to join our group as undergraduate student!

2016年9月  古志远教授赴美国洛杉矶参加“金属有机骨架MOF2016国际会议”

Sept, 2016  Prof. Z.-Y. Gu attended the MOF 2016 international conference at Long Beach, CA, United States.

2016年9月  欢迎2016级硕士生徐铭陶泽榕石美媛、博士生吴建祥加入课题组!

Sept, 2016  Welcome Ming Xu, Ze-Rong Tao and Mei-Yuan Shi to join our group as master students and Jian-Xiang Wu as PhD student!

2016年9月  欢迎博士后研究助理张浩、周长松加入课题组

Sept, 2016  Welcome Hao Zhang and Chang-Song Zhou to join our group as adjunct research associate!

2016年6月  古志远教授赴厦门参加2016国际分析化学论坛暨中美分析化学研讨会!

June, 2016  Prof. Gu attended The 2016 International Symposium on Analytical Chemistry Frontiers & China-US Analytical Chemistry Workshop. 

2016年5月  本课题组合作研究MOF受压扩展能力的研究工作被Sci. Rep.接收

May, 2016  Our collaborative paper in MOF negative linear compressibility has published in Sci. Rep..

2016年5月  古志远教授参加江苏省化学化工协会青年委员会论坛!

May, 2016  Prof. Gu attended Youth Conference, Jiangsu Society of Chemistry and Chemical Engineering. 

2016年4月  古志远教授赴井冈山参加“第十一届全国生物医药色谱及相关技术学术交流会”并做口头报告!

Apr, 2016  Prof. Gu presented an oral talk at 11th National Conference for Biomedical Chromatography and Related Techniques, Jinggangshan. 

2016年4月  古志远教授赴厦门参加“全国环境纳米技术及生物效应学术研讨会”并做口头报告!

Apr, 2016  Prof. Gu presented an oral talk at National Symposium on Environmental Nanotechnology & Nanoimpact, Xiamen. 

2016年3月  古志远教授赴北京参加“中国科协中国化学会青年人才托举工程启动会”

Mar, 2016  Prof. Z.-Y. Gu attended the YESS-CAST conference at Beijing.

2015年10月  欢迎2013级本科生柴胡玲潇王兹臻加入课题组!

Oct, 2015  Welcome Ling-Xiao Chai-Hu and Zi-Zhen Wang to join our group as undergraduate students!

2015年10月  古志远教授赴杭州参加“第二届全国质谱分析学术报告会”!

Oct, 2016  Prof. Gu attended The 2nd National Conference on Mass Spectrometry, Hangzhou. 

2015年9月  欢迎2015级硕士生杨世庶常玉洁加入课题组!

Sept, 2015  Welcome Shi-Shu Yang and Yu-Jie Chang to join our group as master students!

2015年8月  我们的办公室、实验室搬迁至新化学楼(509、518、524)!

Aug, 2015  Our lab moved to New Chemistry Building!

2015年5月  古志远教授赴武汉参加“第十二届中国化学会分析化学年会”!

May, 2016  Prof. Gu attended 12th Symposium on Analytical Chemistry at Wuhan. 

2015年5月  古志远教授赴杭州参加“第一届材料微结构及性能国际会议”!

May, 2016  Prof. Gu attended The 1st International Conference on Microstructure and Property of Materials, Hangzhou. 

2015年4月  古志远教授、孟爱娜赴西安参加“第20届全国色谱学术报告会及仪器展览会”!

Apr, 2016  Prof. Gu and Ai-Na Meng attended 20th National Symposium and Exhibition on Chromatography of China at Xi’an. 

2015年1月  欢迎2014级本科生陈欢欢樊婷陈心瑜于海霞加入课题组!

Jan, 2015  Welcome Huan-Huan Chen, Ting Fan, Xin-Yu Chen and Hai-Xia Yu to join our group as undergraduate students!

2014年12月  欢迎2014级硕士生孟爱娜加入课题组!

Dec, 2014  Welcome Ai-Na Meng to join our group as master student!

2014年12月  古志远入选2014年江苏特聘教授加入南京师范大学化学与材料科学学院

Dec, 2014  Prof. Z.-Y. Gu joined the College of Chemistry and Materials Science as Jiangsu Distinguished Professor at Nanjing Normal University!